Why The Detox Cafe?

We stand for products that allow human beings to live healthier, happier, more energetic lives. From our detox teas, healthy coffees, to liquid vitamins and more - we are ambitiously, ridiculously, and ecstatically determined to unleash the full potential of your health and wellness so you can truly be the best version of yourself.

Iaso Tea is the #1 best-selling detox and cleanse tea worldwide. Made in the USA under strict (GMP) Good Manufacturing Practice standards. Iaso Tea is 100% Natural; no fillers, binders, or additives. Iaso Tea is gluten free, GMO free, nut free and made with the finest organic ingredients, guaranteed to help you feel great, lose weight and become the healthiest you.

Iaso Tea - #1 Detox, Cleanse & Weight Loss Tea



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