What to Know Before Trying IV Therapy

Have you ever heard of IV therapy? If not, it’s a fascinating treatment that is very common in medicine. Generally, it’s used on patients who are dehydrated or are recovering from an illness. However, many people are seeing the benefits of getting an IV pack to help boost their energy, keep themselves healthy, and recover from hangovers. The WFAA YouTube channel looks at IV hydration therapy and what you should know before trying it.

IV therapy stands for intravenous therapy, a medical procedure that helps provide fluids and vitamins to the body.

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It’s conducted by placing a needle directly into a vein and allowing the IV fluid to drip into the body. Once absorbed, the body will start to feel the effects almost immediately.

Similar to any medical procedure, there are some risks involved. IV therapy isn’t always an excellent option for those who bruise easily. The needle is invasive and can leave scarring on the arms of some people. In addition, those with bleeding issues can also find that IVs aren’t good, as their body can’t clot blood after the needle is removed.

As with any medical procedure, it’s best to talk to your doctor before getting an IV. A professional must administer an IV, or it could be deadly. That being said, IVs are an excellent choice for many people and can be administered via mobile IV therapy.

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