Crystal Meanings, Healings and Abilities: What You Need to Know

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Alternative medicine may no longer be just an alternative. Recent findings show more American adults are turning to alternative and complementary medicine. This includes everything from tai chi and yoga to acupuncture to healing crystals. If you are interested in healing with alternative medicine but have no time, strength or budget for the first three activities, you can heal with crystals.

Many people swear by the healing abilities of crystals. Celebrities like Kate Hudson, Katy Perry and Victoria Beckham are known for being firm believers in the healing power of crystals. So, it’s easy to be interested in these beautiful stones and their properties and meanings.  But before you go and shop for crystals for protection or depression, it’s important to know crystal meanings and what these stones can offer you.

Crystals come in different types, shapes and sizes. Some people believe that these stones are filled with natural healing abilities for the body, mind and soul. Enthusiasts of natural healings through crystals believe that these also promote a good flow of energy, which heals the mind and body of negative energy.

But what are these crystals and their meanings? What are crystals used for? And how do you use them?

What Do Crystals Symbolize?

crystals on a plate
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In general, crystals symbolize perfection and spiritual purity. It is often used in the context of religion, especially in Christian churches.

Followers would decorate important artifacts and books with crystals to represent each item’s purity and perfection. Early beliefs on crystal meanings revolve around the description of important religious items. Early Western Christians believed that crystals manifested the light of the heavens and transcendence. Its symbolism of perfection, purity and faith was often used to describe saints.

Now, crystals symbolize natural healings. Each crystal has a different meaning, but most of them are associated with healing, rebirth and improving one’s emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

What are Crystals Used For?

People who prefer natural healings use crystals to promote emotional, physical and spiritual healing. All they have to do is place them on a specific area of the body or hold them. Supposedly, crystals promote healing by positively interacting with your body’s chakra, aka energy field.

Some crystals are said to improve creativity or concentration while others believe it alleviates their stress.

As mentioned above, each crystal has different meanings and abilities. For you to maximize the healing benefits of crystals, it’s important to know which crystal you should use for specific situations.

Crystals for Meditation

Clear Quartz

clear quartz gemstone
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For many people, clear quartz is the best crystal for meditation. Clear quartz enthusiasts believe that this stone can awaken your crown chakra, which is connected to your psychic abilities.

Apart from awakening your psychic prowess, clear quartz can balance all of your chakras. It is a great stone to use if you want to align your other crystals. You can also meditate with clear quartz if you are feeling out of balance.


This form of quartz is known for its gorgeous purple hue and its connection to the third eye chakra, which is linked to your intuition. Using amethyst is perfect for meditation since it enhances your intuition and promotes inner peace. It can also relieve stress and enhance spiritual awareness.

If you want to connect more with your intuition, meditate with your amethyst before you go to bed. This can help you connect to your subconscious mind during your sleep.

Black Tourmaline

This black stone is helpful for shooing negative vibes. Use this stone if you want to repel a negative mindset, which is always helpful when meditating.

Crystals For Depression


carnelian stone
Photo by Anton Maksimov juvnsky on Unsplash

This crystal boasts of a gorgeous orange-red color that can restore motivation and vitality. It also dispels depression, promotes positive life choices and repels apathy and mental lethargy. Carnelian helps you overcome any kind of negative conditioning and abuse. It can calm anger and rage while transforming your negative emotions into joy.

People with prolonged depression wear this stone as jewelry so they can use the energy for a longer period. You can also place carnelian hearts and spheres at your work desk.


This gorgeous lilac stone is known for its positive effect on people struggling with depression. It brings comfort to those who worry excessively and dissipates negative feelings and thoughts. If you need comforting energy, wear lepidolite jewelry or place it in your bedroom so the stone’s energy will resonate in your space.


This black stone is a powerful and protective one. It can repel negative emotions while promoting clarity of mind and inner strength. If you use it regularly, you can overcome minor symptoms of depression. Similar to lepidolite, you can wear obsidian as jewelry to benefit from its protective energy.

Crystals for Self-Love

Rose Quartz

rose quartz
Photo by Anton Maksimov juvnsky on Unsplash

This eye-catching pink crystal is often associated with your heart chakra and love, in general. This means that the rose quartz isn’t just beneficial for self-love; it can also call in love on your behalf.

This pink stone is one of the best crystals to help you break down blockages that hinder emotional confidence and self-worth. Rose quartz reminds you of your worth and beauty. The stone has a vibration that anyone can easily tune into. It also has a gentle and nurturing energy, which can make it ideal for people who want to strengthen their bonds.

Harness the energy of rose quartz by adding it to your bath or place it next to your skincare products to amplify their beautifying effects.


Rhodonite is a crystal known for its restoration, balance and inner strength. This stone is a heart and root chakra that encourages emotional independence and reinforces self-confidence, which makes it a good companion during breakups, heartbreaks or other types of emotional pain.

Rhodonite comforts and grounds you during turbulent times. You can meditate with the rhodonite in your hand or hold it close to your heart chakra when you feel heavy.


This crystal offers inspiration, flow and courage. It also inspires integrity, openness, honor and truth. Amazonite is a throat chakra that facilitates honest communication and improves self-expression. This soothing and calming stone leads you away from negative emotions that stem from disappointment or hurt.

Crystals for Protection

Black Jade

Black Jade stones

If you want to avoid negative people, use your black jade to tap into your intuition. Sometimes, it can be difficult to see the source of negativity. A black jade can help you tune into the primary source. Think of this stone as your personal guardian. Take it with you when you’re setting out on new adventures or traveling.


Also known as “Fool’s Gold,” this beautiful stone guards your energy. This golden color is meant to spark confidence, manifest abundance and offer protection. Using this stone can help you manifest positive changes by releasing negative energy.

You can place this stone anywhere and it will still have an effect on the atmosphere. You can also keep it in your pocket so you can revel in its energy.

How Do You Use Crystals?

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Now that you have a crystal or two, how do you use them?

This boils down to your personal preference. Like any energetic or spiritual practice, crystals are best used in a way that feels healing or supportive for you. But if you’re new to crystals, here are some ways to use your stones:

  • Hold them close when you need reassurance or support.
  • Keep the crystal in your purse or wallet.
  • Use them as part of your yoga practice or meditation.
  • Take a bath with the stones.
  • Decorate your space with your crystals.

After every use, remember to cleanse your crystals to preserve their energy. When you also buy new crystals, make sure to cleanse them first.

Crystals could be lifesavers for people who want to heal naturally. But before you buy 20 crystals, it’s important to get to know the stones first to find out which ones are perfect for you.

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