The Beginner’s Guide to Crystals: Your A to Z on Healing Crystals

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If you’re new to the world of natural crystals, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. For starters, there are so many questions: “What stones do I need in my life?” “How many crystals should you star with?” “How do you get the most energy out of crystals?”

Plus, there are different types of healing stones. There are small crystals, big crystals, crystal hearts, crystal spheres, healing crystal jewelry, crystals used to charge other crystals — with all these choices combined with the questions above, “crystals for beginners” sounds like a more difficult concept than it should be.

But it shouldn’t be that way.

When it comes to crystals for beginners, the first lesson you’ll learn is trust, particularly trusting yourself. Trust that you know which natural crystals are right for you and believe in your strong connection with these stones. It’s easy to get caught up with searching for answers just to make sure you’re getting the most out of your stones.

Research is helpful but the answer to what you need and want comes from within. To help you with your search, we answer the basic questions associated with crystals for beginners

How Do I Start Buying Crystals?

Your healing journey with natural crystals begins with your selection process. Crystal healers often say the same thing: you don’t choose the crystal, the crystal chooses you. So if you plan to buy crystals in person from a shop, your intuition shall serve as your guide. Walk over to a line of crystals, close your eyes and run your hands over each stone’s surface.

Next, think about your intention: what is your goal with the crystals? What would you like to harness?

This next part is all about manifestation. Focus on your intention while squeezing the crystals and stones in your hand. Observe your emotional and physical sensations. Do you feel energized? Are you at peace? Do you feel the heat building in your palm? If a stone tantalizes your soul, you may have found the ONE.

But what if you want to buy your crystals online? Explore a potential stone’s intrinsic properties. Match its function to your manifestation.

Another rule of thumb to follow when you’re shopping for crystals (whether online or in-person): no crystal should put you in debt. The best crystals for beginners make your life easier; they do not add stress.

What Stones Do I Need in My Life?

different kinds of crystals

Your next question might be What are the best crystals for beginners?” With a whole alphabet of natural crystals available on the market today, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with your selection. But once you’ve set your intentions and manifest the energies you want a crystal to give you, picking the right crystal should be easy.

But if you need more insight, here’s our list of the best crystals for beginners such as yourself.


  • Best for: ease of use. Out of all the natural stones, Selenite is one of the most beginner-friendly crystals. You can easily use and connect with it, plus, you don’t have you recharge or cleanse it.
  • It represents: the Moon Goddess Selene and purity.
  • You can use it to: purify, cleanse and soothe your body and soul. Selenite clears out negative energy so you can feel more positive.
  • How to use: Invite white energy into your space by keeping this stone near a window. You can also clean other crystals using Selenite. Just place them on top of the stone and leave them overnight in the moonlight.


  • Best for: sleep and relaxation
  • It represents: spirituality and royalty
  • You can use it to: purify your aura, bring divine wisdom and de-stress.
  • How to use: place your Amethyst cluster beside your bed to help you sleep well. It can also protect you from nightmares. If you want to keep calm throughout the day, keep the Amethyst in your pocket.

Clear Quartz

  • Best for: dispelling negativity
  • It represents: patience, purity and space. The word ‘quartz’ comes from the Greek word “ice” since the Greeks thought it was a form of permanent ice.
  • You can use it to: improve your mood, reduce negativity, clear your mind and unblock energy flows.
  • How to use: use your Quartz to set your intentions. Transfer your intentions to the crystal to amplify them and help manifest your intentions. You can also use clear Quartz to cleanse other crystals.

Rose Quartz

  • Best for: divine feminine energy and love
  • It represents: unconditional love
  • You can use it to: refresh old love or welcome new love into your life. You can also use Rose Quartz to awaken your inner goddess.
  • How to use: keep your tumbled Rose Quartz with you so you can encourage new love to come into your life. You can also use this stone to let yourself be loved or awaken the confidence of your inner goddess.


  • Best for: financial blessings
  • It represents: good fortune, wealth and abundance
  • You can use it to: see your path in the future. You can also use pyrite as a good luck charm. Since this crystal draws its energy from the sun, it also radiates healing solar energy, which can calm your frustrations and anxiety.
  • How to use: place a cube or cluster on your office desk to bring you financial success. You can also place it near a window to channel good fortune.

 Black Obsidian

  • Best for: settling confusion
  • It represents: fire energy
  • You can use it to: burn through clouds of confusion and banish negative energy.
  • How to use: maintain a positive vibe throughout the day by keeping the stone in your pocket. You can also sit close by it to recover from the trials of the day.

What to Do When You First Get a Crystal

materials for cleansing crystals

Now that you have your crystal, what’s next? Should you start making healing crystal jewelry? Should you just let them be?

One of the most important steps crystal beginners often overlook is programming the crystal, aka setting your intention. Simply put, you have to give your crystal a purpose. Natural crystals work for you but you have to give them a job. Otherwise, you won’t manifest your intentions at all. On the other hand, if you’re unclear with your intentions, your crystals won’t do what you want them either.

Fortunately, programming your crystal is easy. Start by cleaning it. To properly clean your crystals, you have to choose a clearing method. It should be the method that resonates with you the most.

Some of our favorite ways to clear and cleanse crystal energy include the following:

  • Immerse your crystals in the smoke of Copal incense, Frankincense resin or a burning sage stick.
  • Moon/sun. Place your crystal under the light of a full moon or the sun for at least four hours.
  • Play the music of Tibetan singing bowls, Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony or your favorite mantras.
  • Bury your crystal in the Earth and let the soil recharge its energy.
  • Other crystals. Place your crystal in a Selenite bowl or on top of a Selenite plate.

After cleaning your crystal (or crystals) in your hands, close your eyes and take a deep breath. While in this space of light and love, ask that your crystal be cleansed from all negative energies or previous programming.

How to Set Intentions With Crystals

Setting intentions with your crystals sounds like a tricky practice but all you have to do is get in touch with your spiritual needs. Just set aside 10 minutes of your time to set your intention and be clear with what you want the crystal to do for you. Find a quiet spot and reflect. Hold your crystal in your hand to get in sync with the crystal’s energy. Visualize your intentions and repeat it to keep your energy focused on your goals.

That summarizes everything you need to know about using crystals for beginners. Once you’ve gotten the hang of these natural crystals, you’ll benefit from their healing properties!

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