Vegan Like the Stars: Visit These Celebrity-Owned Vegan Restaurants

Vegan or not, many celebrities are using their influence to encourage their fans to make the switch to plant-based dining. A-list Hollywood actors, musicians, athletes and other high-profile individuals have been seen enjoying plant-based meals at Veggie Grill, Crossroads and other vegan restaurants.

Celebrities AND owners of vegan restaurants? Yes, it’s a thing! (Photo from Unsplash)

As more celebrities are reducing their consumption of animal products and abiding by vegan diets, many of them are investing their money in their new dietary lifestyle. Many celebrities have now opened their plant-based restaurants across the United States.

People who want to eat vegan and eat like a star often Google “celebrity vegan food near me” but we’ll spare you from the search.

Here is a comprehensive list of celebrity-owned vegan restaurants, as well as vegan food places that satisfy the cravings of your favorite celebrities.

I Love You Food Truck – Jaden Smith

Musician and entrepreneur Jaden Smith, son of celebrity power couple Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, launched his first vegan restaurant in 2019. As a part of his 21st birthday celebration, Smith launched his first food truck in downtown LA’s Skid Row. He shared about the opening in an Instagram post, informing his followers that all of the food from I Love You is vegan and FREE, especially for the homeless people in the area.

Jaden Smith says “I love you” in the best way possible. (Photo Revolt TV)

Smith’s I Love You restaurant is a movement focused on giving less-than-fortunate people healthy vegan food for free. On the food truck’s opening day, people in need lined up at the truck where they received “I Love You Bowls,” meals that were packed with nutritious whole foods like kale, sweet potato and quinoa.

As mentioned, the meals are free for less fortunate individuals. But if you can pay, Smith and the I Love You food truck team encourage customers to pay for the food’s worth and more, so they share their blessings to the homeless community nearby.

VTree – Nick Cannon

Comedian, rapper and host Nick Cannon opened his vegan restaurant in May 2020. In collaboration with plant-based enthusiast Chef Velvet, Canon opened VTree, a vegan soul food restaurant in Yamashiro, a Japanese restaurant based in Hollywood Hills.

Who knew all things fried could also be all things vegan? (Photo from

Since its opening in 2020, the restaurant has been serving “soulFULL” vegetarian cuisine for delivery and takeout due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Canon and Chef Velvet opened VTree to give Hollywood more vegan soul food options. Their delicious menu includes classic features (with a vegan twist!) such as their Chic’n and Waffles, BBQ Ribz, Original Fried Drumsticks and Cajun Shrimp — all made with fresh and organic ingredients.

In 2012, Cannon adopted a healthier lifestyle after he was diagnosed with lupus, a long-term autoimmune disease. To improve his health, he stopped eating certain meats, cut off processed food from his diet and indulged in vegan food options. His passion for plant-based meals drove him to partner with Chef Velvet to open up this famous Hollywood-based vegan restaurant.

Trejo’s Tacos – Danny Trejo

From “Spy Kids” to “Machete,” Danny Trejo has won the hearts of a diverse audience by appearing in different movies over the last decades. Now, he’s winning the stomachs of more people by opening Trejo’s Tacos, a semi-vegan taco chain based in Los Angeles. Trejo is selling the “Mexican food dream” by serving delicious meals that celebrate Mexican cooking.

Experience a different kind of taco at Trejos Tacos (Photo from Trejos Tacos)

Their traditional burrito and taco fillings are generous servings of spicy shrimp and chicken tikka with pico de gallo, escabeche cream and plenty of rice. As mentioned, they also offer plenty of vegan options like asada-style mushrooms or tacos with young jackfruit or cauliflower. If you’re worried about the tortilla, Trejo’s Tacos does not use lard in them. The same goes for their rice and beans.

Recently, this semi-vegan restaurant has started using Beyond Meat, plant-based meat, in their meals. The new ingredient works well with their cheese-free vegetarian burrito.

For the beverages, indulge in their refreshing selection of guava-lime agua fresca, strawberry-lemon agua fresco or kombucha.

Vegan Mob — Toriano Gordon

Rapper turned entrepreneur and restaurateur Toriano Gordon opened his plant-based soul food and barbecue restaurant Vegan Mob in 2020. Based in Oakland, California, Gordon’s vegan restaurant made a splash in the local food scene by serving vegan cheeseburger egg rolls and Impossible Meat gumbos and tacos.



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Years before opening Vegan Mob, Gordon decided to ditch the meat food products in his pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. Now, the rapper-turned chef shared his plant-based adaptation of familiar barbecue dishes and soul food to the Bay Area. The Vegan Mob’s food truck attracted customers — both vegan and non-vegan — with their impressive selection of plant-based foods. One of their bestsellers is their garlic noodles, a dish that uses vegan cheese and vegan butter instead.

He encourages people to start making the switch to a plant-based lifestyle by offering delicious meat alternatives.

Spike Mendelsohn PLNT BURGER

In 2019, Spike Mendelsohn of “Top Chef” Season 4 opened his first chain of vegan burger restaurants in Whole Foods locations. PLNT Burger is a vegan restaurant that allows customers to choose from a list of burgers, fries and milkshakes for a next-level vegan experience.


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PLNT Burger’s goal is to serve sandwiches and burgers that seem “too indulgent” but are actually good for you. Their classic PLNT Burger includes a Beyond Meat patty topped with fresh pickles, veggies and PLNT’s trademark sauce. All of these rest on a plant-based potato bun, toasted to perfection. They also offer a mushroom “bacon” burger, “chicken” burger (the vegan chicken is made of mushrooms) and Follow Your Heart vegan cheddar burger.

PLNT Burger also serves Beyond Meat sausages, served with vegan cheese and homemade chili, complete with relish, kraut and spicy mustard plus other spices.

Popular Vegan Restaurants Among Popular People

Apart from the mentioned celebrity-owned vegan restaurants, you can make a reservation at vegan food spots loved by your favorite celebrities. Here are some of the best celebrity-approved restaurants to visit.

Veggie Grill

Even celebrities love their fast food. Stars abiding by their vegan lifestyle have Veggie Grill to satisfy their cravings. This rapidly expanding food chain is famous for its delicious plant-based chicken sandwiches and macaroni and cheese. Big fans of the Veggie Grill include Jeff Goldblum, Craig Susser, Harley Quinn Smith and Kevin Smith. Kevin Smith is such a huge Veggie Grill fan that he drove three hours from Canada to Seattle just to satisfy his Veggie Grill cravings.

Planta South Beach

Enjoy delicious vegan meals and increase your chances of seeing the stars by dropping by this rooftop dining patio in Miami, FL. Its extensive list of regular customers includes Adriana Lima, Vanessa Hudgens, Jaden Smith, Pharrell, Mark Wahlberg and Bella Hadid. All of these celebrities have shared Instagram posts praising the food and atmosphere of Planta.

Gracias Madre

Even the stars love tacos and burritos. Gracias Madre satisfies the cravings of celebrities at its flagship location in West Hollywood. This vegan restaurant boasts a fully-stocked bar with an impressive cocktail menu. Come night, the restaurant’s atmosphere becomes one worthy of the best parties in town. Gracias Madre becomes a hub of delicious sopes or gorditas, endless cocktails and engaging conversations. Actress Nikki Reed and singer Miley Cyrus are both big fans.

Monty’s Good Burger

Everyone loves the traditional burger and milkshake combo — even vegan celebrities. Fortunately, Monty’s Good Burger stands as the In-N-Out for plant-based eaters. No need to worry about the addition of lard or other animal sources. Celebrities like Kat Von D, Jaden Smith and Travis Barker are big fans of Monty’s nostalgia-inducing meals.

Urth Café

Although it’s not 100 percent began, this chill restaurant offers plenty of options for plant-based eaters, from the vegetable-loaded Kite Hill cheese pizza to their decadent dark chocolate cake. Big fans of Urth Café include Lana Del Ray, Demi Lovato and Paris Hilton.

Café Gratitude

If you’re looking for celebrities, delicious vegan meals and encouragement, this place is for you. With menu items like “I am Next Level” (watermelon poke) or “I am Dazzling” (Caesar salad), you’ll feel more confident about yourself. Café Gratitude also impresses customers with a lively outdoor and indoor atmosphere that perfectly complements their organic dishes. Mena Suvari, Anne Hathaway and Rooney Mara are regulars at Café Gratitude.

Celebrities are one with you in your pursuit of plant-based living, whether you’re looking for sweet treats or vegan meals. Check out their restaurants or must-visit vegan restaurants to feel like one of the stars.

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