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Welcome to The Detox Café, your online “café” for conversations on the detox diet, organic living and health and fitness. 

The Detox Café is the brainchild of healthy living enthusiasts who wish to share their knowledge with people of the same mind and those who are interested in living healthier. We’re not the stereotypical “Meat is Murder!” images of organic living and detox diets. Think of us as your friendly neighbors who share recipes on vegan burgers, videos of DIY yoga at home and more. 

Conversations on Nutrition, Fitness and Mindfulness

The Detox Café empowers its readers by enriching your knowledge on health and wellness. Our online pages are filled with news and informative articles on today’s take on fitness, detox diets, organic living and mental wellness. We also cover topics on healthcare, national healthcare policies, medical practice news and new advancements in health technology.

Readers of The Detox Café are healthy living enthusiasts, med students, doctors, nurses — everyone who wants to learn about health and wellness. 

About Our Writers

Our writers include influential voices in healthcare as well as newcomers.

Detox your mind by learning more about health and wellness at The Detox Café today.

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