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Hi, thank you for stopping by! We are The Detox Cafe - where being healthy is more than a goal, it's a lifestyle. We believe that everyone deserves to be happy and healthy.

That's why we're here - to help you transform your health and LOVE how amazing you feel. We stand for products that allow human beings to live healthier, happier, more energetic lives.

From our detox teas, healthy coffees, to liquid vitamins and more - we are ambitiously, ridiculously, and ecstatically determined to unleash the full potential of your health and wellness so you can truly be the best version of yourself.

Above all, we believe in bringing value beyond belief to every single one of you by providing exceptional products, insightful resources, and outstanding customer service.


Our Story

As I was writing out my plan to lose some weight and get my health back on track, I was looking for something that was hype-free and proven to work.

At the time I was nearly 300lbs. Being that I'm 6' 2" that's a lot of extra weight to carry. My blood pressure wasn't a pretty sight either. I was diagnosed with hypertension with a SYS# of +200 and my DIA# floating between 98 and 110. So I was popping ExForge hypertension medication every day.

If that wasn't enough, I was wrestling with bronchitis pretty bad so I carried an inhaler in my pocket and one in the armrest of my car.

Next to my inhaler I kept a small bottle of Zyrtec and Benadryl because I had out of this world allergies that included running nose, red eyes, and scratchy throat.

Isn't life grand?

I knew it could be much worst and I also knew it could be much better.

Things were getting worst on their own, just through aging and doing the same old stuff I was doing. However, for things to get better, I needed to make some new decisions and that's what I did. 

After some research, I started buying up stuff from Amazon, eBay and other retailers that were selling me the dream of being healthy and off the medication.

As each box arrived loaded with the products that promised me more energy and better health, I took them with great hope and anticipation of my health improving.

As the weeks flew by, anticipation quickly spiraled down into disappointment and mild depression as nothing seemed to work. I couldn't believe I just blew so much money on boxes of worthless products.

The emotional toll was heavier than the nearly 300lbs of weight I was dragging around.

I didn't want to give up and at the same time, I didn't know what to believe anymore when researching products online.

That changed in March 2015 when I got a phone call from a friend I mine for over 7 years.

While he and I did business together, the call in March of 2015 was different and timely.

He was calling me about testing a new detox tea that was just coming to the United States but was already a best seller in over 70 countries at the time.

An Oil Change For Your Body

Little did I know that doing a simple detox would begin a transformation in my life of epic proportions.

I realized that detoxing your body is like doing an oil change for your car. 

If you don't change that oil, you won't have a car very long. 

That's how it is with our bodies. Just as a cars engine will be destroyed because the oil wasn't cleaned, so your body can be destroyed because your body hasn't been cleansed and detoxed.

So I loaded up on this detox tea called Iaso Tea that was just hitting the United States in early 2015 with raving reviews for being unlike any other detox tea.

Then This Happened...

While I was excited to try out the Iaso Tea, I was still very skeptical and preparing myself for another disappointment.

Well, that disappointment was not meant to be because within the first week, my sleep quality improved, my mood improved (boy was I grumpy), I was feeling more energized and even a little lighter on my feet.

So I kept drinking the Iaso Tea and I start using the Nutraburst too.

FINALLY! I was using a product that actually worked.

As I write this today, I'm no longer pushing the 300lb barrier, I'm 230lbs of lean muscle. Now that lean muscle didn't come from drinking the tea, it came from me having so much more energy that I started going to the gym at 5am in the mornings.

I haven't used ExForge in over 18 months and yet my SYS# is no longer +200, it floats between 135-145. While that's not the normal blood pressure range, it's close and it's a heck of a lot better than +200. 

By the way, ExForge never got my blood pressure that low. My SYS# on ExForge would be at best around 165-170.

And oh yea, my relationships with Zyrtec and Benadryl are no longer. 

As someone who personally lives "The Detoxed Life" I have now become an advocate of detoxing and an independent distributor of the Iaso Tea and other great detox products that I can prove work.

I know that staying healthy is complicated, but The Detox Cafe makes it easy.

Most importantly the detox products available here are not only proven to work from first-hand experience, they are 100% all natural, which means you can finally have the best health of your life.

I absolutely love Iaso Tea and I'm sure you will love it too!

Why The Detox Cafe?


Our detox is affordable and natural from herbs harvested from the trenches of the earth around the world that gives your body new life, energy and vitality  You can have your best health and abundance of energy like never before, in just a matter of a few seconds a day!

"Why are we here? To deliver a service so valuable you smile. To help you feel amazing and be your best healthy self." - The Detox Cafe Team

Our Story

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