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Iaso Alleviate - CBD Topical Rub

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Iaso Alleviate is a CBD topical rub that is said to help reduce pain when applied to the affected area(s). It is advised that topical users should titrate the amount used until the desired result is reached.

One container provides one ounce of Iaso Alleviate

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5 Health Benefits of CBD Oil

Stress or Anxiety
Studies have shown that CBD oil use can help reduce anxiety and or stress for people who may suffer from conditions like PTSD, social anxiety and many others.

Relieving Pain
People suffering with chronic pain issues like Fibromyalgia and others are finding relief when using CBD oil on regular basis.

Seizures and Epilepsy
CBD has shown to be very promising in helping control and reduce seizures
in children and some adults.

Studies have shown that with certain does of CBD oil people had reported
that their sleep improved greatly.

Numerous studies have been done and are continuing to be done showing that
CBD oil may be helping with the adverse effects of some certain types of cancer and may hinder the migration of cancer cells.


What is CBD Oil?
The simple definition: CBD is a cannabinoid derived from the cannabis plant. It is one of the 113 cannabinoids in the cannabis plant.

Does using CBD Oil get you high?

It’s not a complicated answer. No, most CBD oil does not produce a high.

There are two types of CBD oil. Marijuana-based CBD oil contains the THC which produces the high. This type is what they call 
‘medicinal’ and is normally found at dispensaries.

Hemp-based CBD does NOT contain the THC component and will not produce a high. CBD and Maijuna are from the same plant, just different varieties.


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